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Being Prepared

When it comes to state of preparedness, our boys’ father and I are totally on two different extremes.

Whenever possible, I am used to being prepared way ahead.

—I buy and keep spare items at home so that they are available when things became faulty or run out.

—I make sure our boys start planning for their study schedule way ahead of their exams.

—I discuss ahead with our boys how we would like to spend our weekends or school holidays so that we could maximise that precious little time that family spends together.

—I try to plan ahead most of the time if circumstances allow.


In this way, I make sure that the family never runs into frustrations facing last minute demands or doing last minute preparations.

The “being prepared” motto prevails in my life even when I am multi-tasking between managing work and home.

(I believe that being busy is never a reasonable excuse not to be prepared and bringing inconvenience to others).

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
-  Benjamin Franklin

Frankly, I get highly irritable when I am imposed with last minute requests or forced to run last minute errands.

—I recalled how we were frantically looking for petrol kiosk when we could have refueled our vehicle earlier.

—I recalled how our boy would only request us to get them a certain stationery items for use the next day when the shops have closed for business.

—I screamed my heads off when our boy informed us that he did not understand a certain subject only at the eleventh hour.

—I panicked when I did not standby any medication when our boy started vomitting all the way from Malacca to Singapore.

—I got fully annoyed when our boys are still searching for items to pack in their school bags when the school bus is already driving off.

— I am never comfortable if I had to go for presentations or meetings unprepared.

Yes. THIS IS ME.  It makes me feel at ease and ready.


Our younger boy somehow takes after me to a certain extent:)

Naturally, when there is a family member who is well-prepared, the others might take a more relaxed mode.

However…NOPE! I want our boys to be prepared and practise some planning habits BUT not live life as it comes or depends on me!


I am glad that they must have been influenced by me to a certain extent.

-–While our elder boy started drawing out his study plan at the age of 8, our younger one has volunteered to do stock taking of our groceries and prepares grocery shopping lists at age of 8.

—While our elder boy suggests family activities or outing venues sometimes weeks ahead, our younger boy always prepares his school uniforms and items the night before.

—Perhaps, FUN always appeals and both our boys are always way ahead in suggesting their ideal travel destinations and take initiatives to get ready lots of information on the country we are visiting so that we are well-prepared for the trip.

— Our younger boy always prepares early to look good when he goes out and never fails to make sure that his favourite food in the fridge is replenished.

I won’t deny that there are still many instances when I face with situations when our boys will conveniently come to me and make last minute and impossible requests when they in fact have much time before hand to get things ready.

I believe all of us frequently encounter such situations when we feel like we must be superhuman to create a miracle for last minute and unreasonable requests.

Of course, one solution is to let our boys solve the last minute “problem” themselves.

When faced with constraints, they tend to appreciate that they could have set aside more time ahead instead of a last minute rush. This in a way enable them to learn the self-responsibility of being prepared.

When Technology Dies On Us

Technology and electricity make good working partners. They do wonders in our life - Convenient and fascinating.


When they die on us - we feel totally Helpless.

For older generation, perhaps, life does not necessary come to a standstill when technology decides to play prank.

However, for the young generation today, it could mean “disaster” or “end of world”!

Do a simple survey on the younger ones …….

On what they can’t do without in life and no surprise….

Answers : Mobile phone… electronic game devices …. tablet ….. social media like Facebook.

Reality in life - our over dependance on technology, IT and electronic devices in life.


“Dinosaur Era”?

So, I started to share stories about how we could live without mobile phones, without PC and without electrical appliances when I was younger.

I know - that sounds like a “dinosaur” era to our boys. “So boring”, “How to survive?” - are anticipated reactions.


That day, when our water heater broke down, you could imagine the distress at home.

Our sons echoed: “What? I have to bathe in cold water?”

They totally have no idea how to adopt alternative method to create that warm water for shower. The young ones realise that it is so easy to just press a button to turn on the heater. However, what they refuse to rely on is that there is an olden technology called “boiling a kettle of hot water to mix with the cold water.”


When there was a power failure in our neighbourhood last year, our boys were totally lost and annoyed.

Till I brought out the candles and torches, the boys were elated.

Next, we were totally helpless because the fans, air-conditioners, PCs, fridge and many others were not working.

So…the grumblings went on but there were hardly any solutions by our boys.


Survival skills

Then…It struck me that our kids have totally no SURVIVAL SKILLS to handle situations when electricity and technology die on us!

(I will not always be there to show them the “dinosaur” method of how I survived without technology in my earlier days.)

Then…I start to appreciate these moments of crisis when water heater got out of order, when power failure happened and even when we forgot to bring along our mobile phones.

It is only during these moments that our kids could start learning that they could still survive without technology although it is just more inconvenient.

Perhaps, the younger generations are very much influenced by their peers, society and even ourselves. How often are we not guilty of being addicted to our mobile phones and PCs? How often are we not being guilty of over-relying on technology and not sharing with our kids the more primitive way of life?

As I was watching the US TV series “Revolution”, I wished I could share with them that the world will not come to an end just because technology or electricity die on us. 

Humans are capable of adapting to a different way of life for survival.


A strong feeling swept over me as I came across a scene at the River Safari Singapore.

At that moment, I was overwhelmed with SERENITY…a feeling that I have been deprived of for months.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm.

It is Peace amid the storm.

~ Unknown

As life plunges into a state of turbulence, is it possible to master the art of serenity - to find inner peace amid the storm?

I wish I could.

serenityPhoto taken at River Safari Singapore.

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