Here’s Your Chance to Win A “Let’s Rock Elmo”!


The furry red monster Elmo is here to steal your kids’  heart with the recent launch of  “Let’s Rock Elmo” in Singapore!   Being the “most interactive Elmo ever released”, this Elmo which  ”rocked” the American Toy Fair held in New York earlier this year, is not like the usual Elmo that my elder son used to play with when he was younger.

When we received a complimentary Let’s Rock Elmo (a big Thank You to  Hasbro), my youngest son Darren was extremely excited to try it out!  It’s clear that Darren fell in love with it at first sight:)


Let’s hear his review and his 5 LOVES for Let’s Rock Elmo……


 Darren plays musical instruments, including piano and chinese zither, and he LOVES that Elmo is musically inclined and can play tambourine and drums too.pic34


He’s pleasantly surprised that Elmo can interact with him and LOVES Elmo prompting him what to do.


He LOVES singing and recording his own voice and is happy to have Elmo as a new singing companion. pic23


Elmo wears his favourite colour “RED” and it can be as cheerio as Darren with that bright huge smile


He invents his own way of playing with Elmo where sometimes Elmo plays the role of his patient and at other times other roles..hehe. pic44


After sharing about our boy’s love for the Elmo, let’s hear your stories.  If you, your kids, your nieces/nephews or friends love Elmo too, here’s a chance for you to win a brand new Let’s Rock Elmo (with compliments from Hasbro and retails at S$129.90)!


How to Win?

It’s simple:)

1) Leave a comment in THIS post on WHY you (or your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, family) LIKE Elmo.

2) Share about THIS post and contest with your social circle via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOG or others.

One lucky winner will be picked using a random number generator. Leave your comment latest by 5 October 2011, 23:59 hours Singapore Time. The lucky winner will be announced via this blog entry by 7 October 2011 and notified by email. Irrelevant comments will be omitted.



1) One entry per contestant, 2) contestants to be at least 16 years of age, 3) Contest is open to people residing in Singapore.  Arrangement will be made for winner to self-collect the prize.


Send in your comments soon. Good luck! May Elmo rock its way to your home soon:)




Note: Announcement of lucky winner on 6 Oct 2011 (after closing date for comments)

A lucky winner of the Let’s Rock Elmo has been chosen using a random number generator and the winner is Ing. Congrats! Please contact me via email at on how Elmo can rock its way to your home:)

Thank you all for participating and leaving your valuable comments:)

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30 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance to Win A “Let’s Rock Elmo”!”

  • Lee Pei Yu says:

    HE is big, red and best of all…Always so cheerful!!

  • Christina Ng says:

    Elmo, the dear little red monster,was the first stuff toy we bought for our son when he was born 12 years ago.

    Elmo has an infectious laughter and he is always very cheerful.

    My son used to sing along with Elmo whenever he watched Sesame Streets as a toddler. Now he still hum the theme song whenever he is bathing… ” lala lala lala lala Elmo’s world….”

  • anne says:

    Lol I had so much fun looking at your son with ELMO I guess he loves it dearly. Just came here to visit, hope you can visit me back thanks!

  • Tracie says:

    My little girl and I love ELMO cause he always bring us laughter and watching ELMO on Sesame Streets with her help to bond my relationship with her.

    Thanks ELMO

  • Yen Peng says:

    My son Zachary had Elmo for the first time when he was only 15 months old.
    It was a gift from my hubby’s cousin when we visit his family in Melbourne.
    At first Zachary was quite terrified of the dancing Elmo, but over time he had grown to like it and started to learn more about other sesame street characters through Elmo.

  • I am a great fan of Elmo. I have a huge huggable Elmo and a small 6-inch Elmo that I can bring around.

    This interactive Elmo is what I would need next. hahaha….

  • Ing says:

    My now 6-year-old boy used to watch Elmo every morning on Okto when he was younger, and we would sing the Elmo song together. Lalalala…lalalala… Elm’s world.. :) Such fond memories.

    Now, my 4-year-old likes Elmo too! And I know he will be exhilarated to receive this toy!!!

  • Nick says:

    Elmo has been my buddy when I was young and he is my son’s buddy now!

  • jade thomson says:

    my brother loves Elmo hes a big BIG fan of Elmo hes watched every episode of Elmo’s world and he’s got dance with me Elmo

  • joanne smith says:

    My son absolutely loves Elmo. He collects the different ones. He thinks he is funny. We love it.

  • Mabel Lim says:

    Elmo is furry and cute and attractive to all age group;young and old alike.

  • Julie Grimberg says:

    I daughter loves elmo because elmo loves to sing and dance, and so does she

  • Ming says:

    we all love elmo… especially my girl who probably learnt her ABCs with elmo and the whole gang at sesame street!

  • Yee says:

    Elmo encourage my girl to eat vegetable, to go potty. Elmo encourage her to sleep. Elmo accompanies her when I am cooking or busy with things. Elmo is such a good friend that even when she is fast asleep, she will do a flip and leap up the minute she hear elmo sing!

  • Ellen says:

    My son is a great fan of Elmo and we are thinking to buy one and if we are able to get the prize, that will be great and will be the best birthday present that we can give him. My son follows thru the sesame street show and will be extremely thrilled when Elmo is in the screen and keep saying Elmo Elmo. Believe that Elmo will give my son more happy momments ahead

  • Irene says:

    In short, Elmo rocks!

  • Chua Huay Wen says:

    We love Elmo for being red and happy!

  • Huifen says:

    He’s cute and a good model for me using jumPing clay. We have statues of him all over my workstation and he never fails to cheer me up when I’m down just by looking at him :p

  • sc says:

    elmo elmo, i love you.

  • JOSY says:

    RED, being my gal’s favourite colour and no doubt Elmo is her favourite soft toy. She love elmo so much that she will always scream for one whenever she saw it in the shopping malls. She’ll be so happy if able to win the elmo.

  • Huiqi says:

    My boi’s first frenz! Bright and cheerful Elmo! Never fail to light up my boi’s face when he’s young. Elmo is on the way to capture his little brother’s smile as well. :)

  • Angie says:

    My little girl and I love ELMO cause we love to dance and rock with Elmo! His laughter always warm us!
    Thank you ELMO!

  • Sharon says:

    This is the song
    La la la la
    Elmo’s song.
    La la la la,
    La la la la,
    Elmo’s song.

    I love to sing to my BABY GIRL… With Elmo on board, we can sing to her!!
    Would love to have Elmo to b part of our family!
    And what a pleasant surprise it would b for my little girl…

  • Melissa says:

    My toddler has been watching Sesame Street on the iPad since she was 6 months old. She would sit transfixed whenever the cute furry creatures comes on, and would sway to the songs after awhile. Her all-time favourite character is Elmo and she simply loves Elmo’s Song.

  • Elisha says:

    My little boy only little one in the family. He so lonely.

    Hope to get the new friend “Elmo” to play and rock with him.

    Elmo, bright up my little boy every day.

  • Glennis says:

    Elmo is my childhood toy La la la la,
    La la la la, i love elmo

  • Jess says:

    My girl love Elmo very much. Her eyes will not move away from anything, which have Elmo picture, toys and etc. I hope I can get 1 for her to “ROCK WITH ELMO”.

  • Ranice Wu says:

    My son love Elmo,cause he love to sing with Elmo.
    He will go “La La La La” with Elmo!

  • Chew Shiun Han says:

    My Baby girl is attracted to ELMO and she is only 2mth+ old. She will always look ELMO and never blink. I hope that i can get it this for her.

    Thanks, ELMO Rock….

  • sharon ong says:

    My kids love Elmo becos once Elmo talks, their whole world comes to a standstill.

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