Finally They Learn How To Manage The Bicycle (Part 1)

Cycling has been a significant bonding activity for our family. We spent many moments of our dating years cycling. This may sound strange - during our wedding anniversaries, I still choose to cycle alone with Papa Ed. Now on most weekends, as long as we could afford the time, we would be cycling as a [...]

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Keep Up With The Joneses

Do these sound familiar to you?
“Mommy, my friend has her own computer and why must I share a set with sis?”
“Daddy, can you buy me a dog because our neighbour has bought his son a puppy and it is so cute!”

Who say only adults are tempted to keep up with the joneses?  Kids [...]

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My Mother - In Kids’ Eyes

In school, I am sure our kids have been asked to write essays on “The Person I Admire Most”, “My Family” or even “My Mother”.
When we have a chance to lay hands on essays of the above topics, I am sure we get a better insight of our kids’ version of us. We get excited [...]

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