Lunar New Year 2013

5 months! It has been 5 months since our blog here has been in “cold storage”.  Guess I was just tired and need some recharging.  Have been away from Singapore during a big part of end last year and next …. here we are. It is already Lunar New Year 2013!
With the demise of Papa Ed’s granny [...]

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My Alma Mater

One way that we engage our boys to learn more about us is to walk with them, down our memory lane.  Children are not patient to hear our long grandmother’s story but certainly they are keen to see and hear some of the interesting ones…those experiences that we had gone through and likewise, those similar [...]

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Our Boy Turns 13!

This year, our boy was not looking forward to turning 13 although he was looking forward to the birthday celebration programme.
Even weeks before his birthday, our boy was hurrying the family to visit places of interests and go for buffet because at the special age of 12 and below, he would still enjoy a “child [...]

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