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Life’s Reflections (7) : Happiness Is Within Reach




“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you”

- Nathaniel Hawthorne -


Very true. Many of us tend not to realise that Happiness is just around us.

I shared a post at the end of last year on how it is useful to reflect on what we are thankful for and these give us reasons to smile deeply from our hearts.

We ought to cherish every loved one and moment around us, find the meanings in our lives and not let those happiness slip away unknowingly.

I ought to constantly remind myself too:)

Feeling Young. Again.


As our boys get older, I can’t help but also feel older. 

Somehow, I deemed that my stamina is not like before and I tend to feel drained of energy especially when that 24 hours a day is never enough to juggle between family and work.

Well, is my mind surrendering to increasing age, like many others?

Whenever my mom hears me complaining of body aches, she will say: “30 something years old and you are already complaining of pain and being old. You sound older than your mom! It is just your mind at work telling yourself that you are old.”

Maybe, she is right.


Just today, Papa Ed saw a photo of his taken in March last year. He was of the idea that he looked much younger in that photo when I felt that he has not looked any different now compared to last year. It must be that post-birthday syndrome (we recently celebrated his birthday) when we start dreading to get a year older. 

So, is it just in our mind that we psycho ourselves that we are “OLD”? When we near or drag our feet into that middle age of life, every crossing of a ten-year band, in particularly, makes us “remind” ourselves that we are getting really old. By reminding ourselves, our mind makes us conscious and dissuades us to be engaged in younger activities even if our energy level or health permits.

So, if we defeat that mind game, can we really feel young again?


Personally, I am for the idea of also interacting with the younger ones.  They immerse me in an atmosphere of zest and energy.  Whether in my social or family circles, I am surrounded by the younger generations everyday. Though they might not have that rich experience in life and I might be seen as more senior than them, joining in their activities have definitely made me feel younger again:)


Haha…I would never imagine that the “exhausted me” would be able to comb and run around the huge Botanic Gardens on a treasure hunt race. Thanks to the presence of these young and energetic friends.  I guess their influence is so huge and I made it! Haha, we also won a prize:)

The Red Riding Hood? With a group of colleagues and friends in a treasure hunt race at Botanic Gardens. They are mostly younger than me ( I am second “female” Red Riding Hood from the right) but their high spirits uplift mine too despite the rain.



Also, our two boys tend to make me forget that I am more than 20 years older than them especially when I am busy chasing after them or engrossed in our fun.  Parents will agree that our little kids do put our energy to the challenge *wink*.

For those with young children, I am sure crawling maze, going down long slides, chasing after the young naughty ones, and into an energetic sports or electronic game - are not new to you.

 Trying out the fun stuff in an indoor playground together with our boys


I guess, I must thank our boys for helping me feel young and energised again every now and then:) Without them, I will not be able to relive my childhood again *haha*.

 Never too “childish” for a swing


 Together in that KINECT world. Haha! Mommy snatching the fun of the kidspic151

A Poetic Life


This is a table calendar resting next to my PC at home.  I am attracted to the words printed on the calendar.


Cute drawings and light-hearted meaningful wordings.  Captured on it is the essence of a Poetic Life.

I have done a translation of the Chinese short poems to English (to the best of my knowledge).

Something to light up our days:) 

Be ready to make good use of every opportunity



Spare a thought for others and share the joy together



Treasure the people around and enjoy the happiness



Provide support to each other and find peace in the face of difficulty



Smile everyday and make the world a more beautiful place



Work together and it will be easier to achieve results



Contentment breeds happiness



Take a little break despite the hectic life



With support from true friends, it is easier to achieve success



Look on the brighter side of things and enjoy life



Here’s wishing you a terrific weekend!

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