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When Allergy Strikes!


What happened when URTICARIA strikes, leaving me with full body of red big blotches?  Then it became swelling of face, mouth and hands which then become numbness.

Life was miserable and irritable! Only consolation: Haha! Good excuse not to do house cleaning and the little ones will gladly help out:)

Arghhh…last week! I couldn’t live a day in peace, visiting doctors three times in three days and finally surrendering to days of lost sleep, itch and pain by admitting myself for observation at the hospital.

Haiz..That was how I spent my past week - fighting a severe allergy which decided to strike me by surprise in my mid-life. No pre-warning. No clue as to what caused it. Strange enough..I did not even remember myself exposing to anything that I haven’t been exposed to before when it attacked.

I am allergic? Totally new to me:(  I remember I used to have minor urticaria condition when I was young but never so persistent or severe before.




So doctors gave oral steroid (prednisolone) to control the allergy from manisfesting into other allergic conditions. They gave anti-histamine to relieve the symptoms of allergy. Doctors assured that steroid medication taken in short-term should not have side effect. Seriously, I was uttering “Erghh..steroid!” when I got worried over the side effect of the medication.  Even with the medications, the allergy became more merciless and I not only developed skin rashes and swelling but also started to feel breathless. So, that was when I decided that it was time to check into hospital.

I was immediately given steroid and anti-histamine jabs. Next, ENT doctor did a scope of my throat/nasal passage and lung X-ray. Then I was put on drip and 6 hours of observation when effect of jabs took off. Doctor explained that jabs tend to have a faster effect than oral medications and it was so true. The anti-histamine jab put me into a drowsy state immediately within 3 minutes. Amazing! Doctor also explained that in an allergy, what they are more worried about is often not the skin rashes but rather if a patient feels difficulty in breathing which might arise from blocked airway due to swelling. Fortunately, my scope result was cleared. I learnt my lesson. In an event of severe allergy, go hospital straight away and be jabbed. They work wonders:)


The greatest comfort coming from a small note: Darren not forgetting to bring me that peace of mind before I left for hospital.



When I left the hospital, I still have no clue what triggered my most surprised allergic reactions and was given the option whether I would like to consult an allergist for skin tests. Doctor’s view was if mine is a “once in a blue moon” attack, there is no urgency to do the skin test right away as it could also meant putting myself to risk as I would be exposed to these allergy causing agents during the tests.  However, if I am determined to identify the cause, then I could get it done too.  Best solution to allergy is still PREVENTION. Medication and anti-histamine consumptions only relieve symptoms.

Prevention of what? Pollens, pets, dustmites, food types, weather, insect bites, viral flu—there are so many factors! Oh! Do you know that stress could trigger allergic reactions too?

Hmm..I don’t feel as stressed as before. So, what exactly is it? Mystery.. For now, itch, hives, swelling, please stay away. I am SERIOUSLY “once bitten, twice shy”.


[Have you been attacked by allergic conditions before? How do you manage the conditions?]

Let’s Dance


My beautician cum friend asked me :You want to join me for belly dancing?”

Me: “What! Belly dancing? Aiyo, the place that I want to hide most is my tummy and belly dancing would mean exposing it all!”

My friend: “Belly dancing helps tone your stomach muscle and it is exactly what you need to shed that fats. It’s really fun dancing together.”

Learning dancing? I remembered quitting that social dancing class immediately after two lessons even when it meant my deposit being forfeited. I had alot of problems coordinating my steps. That was years ago.

That day, I was asking our boys :”Want to learn dancing?”  Brendan is as usual with his “Anything lah” reply. This is always his convenient reply when he has no clue to what he is gonna get.  Darren was more image conscious as he replied earnestly :”I want if I can dance as sexily as Shu Shu (uncle or my brother-in-law). He looks so handsome as he dances.”

Yeap. My brother-in-law is terrific in dancing. Not only as a hobby but he is also a professional Salsa Instructor at Mosaic Dance on a part-time basis. He has performed at several Salsa events and is a finalist in the 2007 season of “The Dance Floor” (the largest televised dance competition in Singapore).  Just take a look at my brother-in-law’s (Eddie’s) dance performances below and it is no wonder why Darren is already enthusiastic to learn dancing. Seriously, we are so proud of Eddie, the once little boy that we have seen grown up and becoming so talented in dancing today.


Singapore International Salsa Festival 2010



Los Hermanos at Shines Competition at DXO


Salsa Super Nova @ Union Square


My considerations for our boys to learn dancing? Nope. It is not to model after anybody. We all heard of how dancing keep us healthy, in shape, energised…Wait! Dancing to be smarter? I read about this here. I jumped at the idea! So, why not for our boys? Even for me too if it helps prevent dementia for me in another 2 decades to come.

So. Hip Hop dancing or street jazz or ballet or salsa for our boys? Ballet, a no for our boys.

Seriously, should I start picking up Salsa? It would be super romantic if I could dance my way to Salsa with my old companion in our old age. Haha! If my body could be a little gentler, more agile:)

RIBENA: AAHhhhh…It Makes My Day


My family simply loves blackcurrant drinks. RIBENA blackcurrant and glucose juice cordial is definitely one of the few beverages that BONDS my family.



Most interestingly, I spotted both Papa and son producing the same sound of “Aahhhhhh….” as soon as they start taking a sip. Same reaction, same sense of satisfaction, unaware that each other is producing the same sound at different parts of the day:) It’s like “It makes my day!”

I usually add 1 cup of RIBENA concentrate to 1.2 litre of room temperature water and cool it in the fridge.  Then just throw in a few ice cubes before serving and my guys at home will adore me and the RIBENA, of course, for creating a simple and yet thirst quenching and icy cold blackcurrant drinks:)  It is rich in vitamin C but as we know nothing is good if overdosed - so I avoid serving it to our boy everyday in case of the sugar content.



For Darren, who tends to develop cough easily, we do not give him the blackcurrant drinks. But he still has his opportunity to have a close fight with Brendan in chewing up the RIBENA blackcurrant sweets in no time. Of course, Papa and mommy will always reserve our share first before it is snatched up:) It seems that, for us, the sweets have this “keep alert effect” (with its sour flavour and sugar)  in maintaining a safe long distance drive when we drove over to Malaysia.

Papa Ed was telling me that he looks forward to enjoying a glass of RIBENA blackcurrant drinks every evening during dinner. Looks like I can work less hard in perfecting my culinary skill because a glass of RIBENA blackcurrant drinks is my secret in luring the hubby home early everyday.


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