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I’m A Mom : Imagine I’m Not There All The Time

Imagine I’m not there all the time, how do I feel at ease as a mom?

As a working mom, my children are under other’s care during the daytime. I cannot be by their side all the time since they are either in schools or with my domestic helper. There are many considerations when entrusting my boys in the hands of others. How then can I have a peace of mind? It is most important to ensure that they are:

1) safe
2) in a clean and hygienic environment
3) equipped with natural defenses especially when they are easily exposed to kids’ community illnesses in school or childcare centre
4) happy and adapting well socially since happiness plays a critical role in enhancing good health
5) having good development and are learning


Since birth, my kids have hardly been away from my side for a couple of days. Now, I am experiencing the first time that “I am not there all the time” for Brendan. He is away on school camp and mommy is already missing him *haiz*

Naturally, I start wondering what he might be exposed to *???* . It reinforces the fact that it is so important for our kids to develop their natural defenses and independence to adapt to any environment and also days without our protections, isn’t it?

Being a mom……. though unwilling ……… I know that I have to let him go through life training with his friends and teachers, without myself or Papa Ed around him. There is always a first time to start with…………………………


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