What Do I Wish For - For My Family?


What would I like my sons to be?  


Hmm…to grow up as handsome as Tom Cruise and melt every woman’s heart?

[Does a good-looking face really bring those advantages in life?]






To grow up like Gongfu Star, Jet Li?

Make big money and able to protect themselves from bullies?  Righteous and upright as in most of the roles played by Jet?

[To keep fit and be righteous- Yes. But if to earn a living through using their fists, kicks and stunts - No!!!  If they use their martial arts in the wrong way - it will be worse!!!  Because I don't want to worry about their safety and the troubles that they might bring.] 




Frankly, of course, I would wish that my sons have all the good qualities in them and all the lucky stars around them - the good look, the good fortune, the good luck, good results, good health, good communication skills, good set of values….


Charismatic, intelligent, filial, respectful, loyal, honest …..


Hee…I am just an ordinary mother.

Who wants my sons to be the best within them and also be a great achiever in life, with great contributions to society and well-liked by others.

Which mother doesn’t?




Well…if I really have to list my most important priorities, I would still give the highest ranking to Good Health - something not be taken for granted and no amount of money can buy if neglected.

Hmm, next will be ….family “togetherness”and that family bond to be always that strong…..Remember my previous post “No Road Is Long With Good Company”?


For a few weeks recently, we were very worried about Brendan’s health after he fell sick quite often and then followed-by his check-ups to dismiss any kidney and urinary problems. Those moments, just so recently, when I cried in hospital while waiting for his medical results after the preliminary medical results show some abnormalities.

In those moments, I realised what really matters and what I kept praying for - is for my sons to be healthy and strong.

Finally, our fear was dismissed. Still, I appreciate how health can never be taken for granted.

And then those recent weeks when I had to be sent to A&E….*Haiz*


Really, GOOD HEALTH is my most important wish for my family.

Nothing is happier and a greater relief than knowing that our family members are in the pink of health.




So, what is the most important thing that you wish for in your family?

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9 Responses to “What Do I Wish For - For My Family?”

  • lilyruth says:

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  • Michael says:

    Que Sara sara….

  • claire says:

    Yes, now i like to wish others good health and happiness, no more prosperous and wealth..those are secondary.. hahaha.. times has changed..

  • slavemom says:

    So glad to hear everything’s fine with Brendan. If I can oni hv 1 wish… it’s definitely good health.

  • Good health is all that one craves for.

  • Michael says:

    Health is definitely one of the top in the list of all the good wishes for our children! May all the good wishes come true for your children!

  • Good health is very important to me too. Nothing else matters. I’m glad your son is fine. It is worrying for the parents when kids fall sick.

  • Khaye says:

    You’re a sweet mother!!! Your sons look so cute!!! I hope your wishes for them will be fulfilled. My advice? Don’t get tired of teaching them. I’m not yet a parent but I’ve learned so much from my parents. I have been a very rebel daughter once but my parents never gave up on giving me words of advice and teaching me the way of life… If not for them, I may be one of the street children roaming around the streets and perhaps I could be one of those kids who finds fight in every street…. Yes, their future relies on how you teach and guide them ^^

  • Rachel says:

    Me too! Good Health is what I want my boys to have for life. It’s the same one simple wish I had when I was pregnant with them =)- to have a healthy baby, the rest isn’t that important afterall.

    Glad to know Brendan is all cleared =)

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