2 + 2 Keeps You Healthy


We know that we eat fruits and vegetables to keep us HEALTHY.

Fortunately, all my family members love fruits:)

Except that they like a variety of fruits to be served after our meals.

And I love shopping for fruits!

So, we have strawberries, plums, apples, pears, grapes, kiwi (and sometimes also bananas, rockmelons, watermelons, papayas, cherries and longans) served on a big plate.

[Yeap. We are all spoilt previously by my domestic helper and now my mom. It does feel "íncomplete" when we don't have a variety of fruits after our dinners at home].




Talking about eating enough fruits and vegetables to keep healthy.

Do you know how much fruits and vegetables do we need to eat daily?

Well, Brendan and Darren brought home a health message from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board today.




“2 + 2 Keeps You Healthy”.

The right quantity is to “Eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables daily”.

How do we measure the servings?

See picture.



(Source: Singapore’s Health Promotion Board)


So, we need to eat two times of what we see in the picture daily.


As for my family…….

Oh Dear! I guess we have an overdose of fruits, judging from the varieties that we eat after dinner.

For vegetables, I do have a little headache though because Darren is still selective over the type of vegetables he eats.

Somehow, I seem to encounter common complaints of children who do not like vegetables.

I wonder why….


I hope my boys appreciate the “fruit and vege” message from Health Promotion Board.

Because they seem to like the bookmarks more than the message.

Hopefully, they can appreciate better now through reading this post *haha*.

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8 Responses to “2 + 2 Keeps You Healthy”

  • Alice Law says:

    I’m glad that I have made a pitstop here, nice and educative blog!

    Hi! Stopping by from Claire’s caring is not only sharing…

    My girl loves fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains too! But not my 13 months old son, he likes meat… urgh~! Thanks for sharing and have a rgeat weekend to you and family!

  • Flower Mummy says:

    Guess fruits are more appealing and appeal better to the kids tastebuds ..

    My kiddos simple dislike vegetables too … my gers only eat selected vegetables while my boy absolutely want NOTHING to do with vegetables .. planning a nutritional menu that will cater and please everybody in the family is a big headache ..

    Fruits on the other hand are easily .. no coaxing .. no forcing .. my kids ate fruits like bears eat honey .. *smiles*

  • I have no problem getting my kids to eat fruits but like Darren, my son is also picky over the greens he eat.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for dropping by:) Wishing you a great weekend too:)

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Flower Mummy,
    I like your analogy of the bear and honey:) Yeah, while my elder boy has no issue in eating vegetables, my younger one will have to rely on fruits as substitutes.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Life Ramblings,
    Yeah, seems like it is common for kids to favour fruits to vege. Probably because fruits are sweeter?

  • Kelly H says:

    You have a very informative and fun blog, filled with diverse posting topics to keep it interesting and fresh.
    Fruits are good treats around our house, but getting them to like veggies is more difficult, we just keep serving them and they have to at least try a bite, they have added some veggies to their list of approved ones this way.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for dropping by:) I guess we just have to exhaust different ideas just to get our kids to eat those greens. eg. chop them, cook them in soup, salad etc.

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