Australia Holidays : I Love Cuddling The KOALA


Guest article by Brendan

I love cuddling the KOALA! It is warm, soft and very timid. 

When my parents told me that we were going to Australia, my first request was that I would love to visit the wildlife park and have a really close encounter with the Australia animal icons. So lucky that there is a wildlife park within the Dream World in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. 

Thanks to our tour guide - our mum who makes our trip possible. Not forgetting our dad too who took lots of beautiful photographs:)



Actually, I helped to navigate the way with the map. Is that my brother? Oh dear, he looked abit lost.



When it comes to getting really close to wildlife, we might get lucky to be the chosen ones for their nature act of little “pee pee” or “poo poo”. Fortunately for me, the lovely KOALA chose to convenience himself on the visitor before me. Phew!



The weight and size of the KOALA intimidated my little brother! He didn’t miss his photo moment though and had his chance with a toy KOALA instead. 



The toy KOALA looks real, doesn’t it? Sad to part with the KOALA, I actually brought some home. Err…. I mean the stuffed toys :) My mum bought many for her friends too.  There are many more in this shop. Wish I could operate the truck which was loaded with the koala bears and load more stuffed toys into the plane :)



Will I be the first to make history if I could ride on this crocodile without becoming its lunch?  I won’t try!



“Wait! Wait! Don’t hop! Little kangaroo, I have flown in all the way from Singapore just to be close to you.”  There are so many wandering kangaroos here compared to those that we have seen in Singapore Zoo.



Dear Joey, I adore you.



My little brother likes the kangaroos. “But will it throw me miles away with its powerful hind legs?” So, he prefers to be protected by my mum.



There are many more animals in the wildlife enclosure here.   I think the biggest and uncontrolled WILD lives are NONE others than us. Look at this picture.

Mum is either protecting these two little WILD ones or preventing us from getting uncontrollably WILD..WHOAaaaaa!  This is instinctive of parent animals in the wildlife, isn’t it?


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6 Responses to “Australia Holidays : I Love Cuddling The KOALA”

  • Edmund says:

    Glad that you enjoyed the trip Bren. It would be your luck if the koala bear chose to do its nature call on you. Unfortunately, your mum and I din have the chance to bring home one real one for you…that will be against the law!

    Must be a different feeling now cudding the stuffed toy koala.

  • Michael says:

    Must be a really enjoyable trip! I love visiting Australia’s wildlife as well. Koala is my favourite too! :)

  • looking at your pictures make me missed Sydney so much. i love koalas and kangaroos.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Michael,

    I don’t mind emu too:)

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Life Ramblings,

    Then it is time for you to revisit Australia soon:) I was at Sydney previously on official stay and next as part of my destinations during my honeymoon. The different trips there offered me a whole new experience due to different company, I guess:)

    However, I will never give the wildlife park a miss.

  • slavemom says:

    Koalas r really cute! Lucky Brendan for having the opportunity to carry it. And even luckier that they din answer nature’s call on him. :)

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