Finally, I Cook.


Having to work full-time, cooking has never been a priority in my life.

Having a dad who loves cooking and moreover is a fantastic cook, I have a good excuse not to even step into the kitchen for more than 15 minutes each time.

Lately, however, I realise that something is missing in my motherhood if I do not even know how to cook a tasty meal. It is also a pity not to inherit the secret recipe of my dad (although I admit I must master many more years of his skills before I can be anywhere near his). For my mom, she is not encouraged to cook because she has a husband who can cook well and always chases her away from the gas stove but I do not have common excuse:(

So, I started on a cooking adventure (with my dad’s recipe and picking up tips from other’s cook recipe) and then slowly overtime, I am getting more interested:)

[Note: Why adventure? Cos' it entails alot of exploring eg. the amount of seasonings and timing, taste buds of each family member, treatment of ingredients, bearing with that raw seafood smell. Fortunately, for me, it is a pull factor for me to try out as Papa Ed has no expectations of me to step into the kitchen after a tiring stretch of working days and I guess that makes cooking for me enjoyable i.e when I am attracted to do it than be forced to. I am one stubborn lady. I don't like being forced. Haha:)]




I admit that it is tiring for 1 person to prepare the ingredients for the dishes, cook them, wash all the pots and pans and clean the kitchen.

But. The happy faces of our boys and the progressively higher marks that they are giving me - is making the efforts all worth it.

[Yeah. Mom also gets assessed for her culinary skill, okay? *haha*]


Now, I truly understand why my mom and dad will say to us during every meal :” Eat More. Eat More” and the pride my dad has, to share with me his recipe *hee*.

[Haha! I am behaving like I am compiling a gongfu manual except that mine is a manual of seasonings and ingredients:)].


For cooking parents, there is a strong sense of fulfilment and satisfaction having family members finishing up the dishes and telling us to cook more of that next time.

Do you agree?




When some friends heard that I am starting to cook, they thought that I am referring to my noodle soup stuff.

Ahem! So, I told them “Don’t look down on me because I am referring to a meal with a few dishes, as in a combination of marinating the raw meat, stir frying, boiling, steaming and deep frying.”

My dad actually challenges me that he would foresee me quiting to cook after one or two sessions. Still, I am going strong after a few weeks *keke*.

While they still struggle to believe that this career woman, who fancies only her dad’s food and restaurant delicacies, is actually cooking with the little available time that she has - a decent meal…..


Yes. I am happily experimenting more dishes:)

I only hope that our boys and man at home do not mind the lousy cooking for the time being.

Cos’ mommy is still in the process of making every homecooked meal taste better.

Practice makes perfect. Right?

As I end here…I am rushing off to prepare the ingredients for today’s lunch *smile*.

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