Fear Not The Big but The Tiniest


It’s amazing how our eldest boy is not afraid to mount on horses, hug a koala bear, hold a monkey’s hands, grasp a crab, chase after the biggest birds and be the best buddy of dogs, cats or even lions 


Is most afraid of one of the tiniest creatures on earth - ANTS, FLIES, BEETLES….and all small insects are treated like the STINGING BEES as if they are out to suck his blood.

[Once in a while, it is really funny to see two growing up boys running for their lives, around the house with a small little insect flying around their heads *haha*.]

This makes us indispensable to each other because while I manage the small insects, Brendan will shield me from the furry ones *grin*.


While in Australia, Brendan’s regret was that he couldn’t fly his buddy kanga home



So, his fear is about the tiniest living things that might plant an attack, causing the least harm and not the gigantic furry animals.

It’s also interesting how he will appeal to us to spare the life of the tiny insects and just to catch them and let them go in the open *really kind-hearted*.  If I know how to catch a mosquito and fly without harming it, of course I will try but how I wish I were empowered with that special swiftness and agility *tough*. Perhaps, I should also take down video of those frantic exclamations the next time our boys sight an insect. This video will prove useful in future to let them be grateful of the heroine who has been saving them from countless invading insects *haha*.

While this live crab sent chills down my spine, Brendan was actually holding it with bright smiles on his face.


That day, Brendan asked…..

Brendan :”Mommy, can I go on an adventure to mingle with the wildlife? I would want to meet up with the lions.”

Mommy:”LIONS? Okay. Yeap. You can opt for a South Africa safari tour.”

Brendan: “You mean those trips whereby you can only view the lions from the jeep?”


Brendan:”No. I mean those adventures which allow me to live around the lions for at least a day and be in the same enclosure and be friends with them.”

Mommy:”What?” *I couldn’t believe my ears*.

Brendan:”Yes. I would love to have an experience living with them even if I am torn to pieces.”

 Oh! For that wholesome EXPERIENCE!

Our son, who is so fearful of the tiniest beings is hoping to live, eat, play and risk being attacked by the most ferocious animals on earth. I am not surprised that he actually means it for the affection he has for animals.  If he ever made it safe and sound, he would be famous and I would be the proudest mother on earth to have such a brave son:)

Am I sensing a profession that he would blend in naturally - Yes. At the zoo.


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