Good Old Times : Punggol Beach


Yesterday after a heavy rain, we decided to drive to Punggol Beach.  The beach that has been neglected for a long time.

Papa Ed was suggesting that it would be nolstagic if we could take some photos of Punggol before and after developments. I remember the vicinity of Punggol beach fondly as I used to patronise the Punggol Seafood restaurants here with mom, dad and relatives when I was a child. We see potential of this future hub and was eyeing a new property within walking distance to the beach two years ago. Oh mine! It was so ex and we had to drop the idea:( It’s such a waste that we have heard of the area to be developed even before Brendan’s birth and we are still awaiting…


We were surprised upon arrival because we didn’t expect a crowd in this remote beach and especially after a heavy rain. The air was really fresh and the weather was really cooling  for a jog or stroll. There are the fishing deck, viewing deck,  nature walk path, Punggol beach connector and comfy shelter! 

Well, does it have anything to do with age? Cos’ I am starting to love serenity and tranquility more and more each day:)




Many were fishing. Perhaps I should cultivate the PATIENCE of our 3 males at home by dragging them to fish here one day *grin*. pic66



 Others were busy ‘hunting”. Wonder what they were in search of. Curiosity kills the cat. If only I were in the right attire. Hmm..what could have drawn the interest of a kid and parents?pic32


What exactly are in this? Crabs? Seashells? Sea snails? Sea horses?pic52


Children were happily playing in the playground. 



A colourful sight of  two huge ponds with lotus and many many fish. lotus


Some were having picnic under the shelter. This is where our boys will do their sketches. Artistic yeah? pic10


Others taking a stroll, jogging or cycling along the walkway. Kiddo and I  were strolling. Haha! Since Darren and Yuki love racing on their legs, I know where to bring them next time with less congestion and where I could enjoy the cool breeze:)pic9


Wet floor. Why is it raining everyday for weeks already? However, nothing will dampen my mood to enjoy nature.pungool-beach


“Mommy, you see the red roof building over there? That’s Malaysia!” Bingo! You pass your Geography, son:) As usual, Bren will always be my best navigator.



Speed boat amidst the bigger brothers. I don’t mind owning one and touring the sea.



Aha! Our favourite $1 ice cream with biscuits or cones. Papa Ed and I could not resist. Hmm…everything is so nolstagic here. pic14


Sunset here must be really beautiful. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch it in the gloomy weather. We were on an aimless journey prior to that and I didn’t bring my camera along. Photos had to be taken with his iPhone.

I am sure we will be back again with bikes, pup, drawing board,  jogging gears, kites and camera. While I snap snap, I would like our boys to immerse themselves in the beautiful sunset and put that scenic sight in drawing. Oh yeah, we would like to visit the nearby Punggol Marina Country Club too:)


Bye! Pungool Beach. It would be nolstagic years down the road to see this scene being transformed into a buzzling area being enjoyed by more Singaporeans one day. How many harmless animal and plant species will be sacrifced? 


As at now, it is of course still not as packed as East Coast or West Coast beaches. Emmm…the beach soothes my nerves, as always:)

*As the long stretch of road towards the beach can be really remote and deserted in the dark, I do not suggest that anyone tries to walk there from Punggol housing estate at night unless by cars.  The beach is also serviced by Bus 84.*

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4 Responses to “Good Old Times : Punggol Beach”

  • Michael says:

    Denesa, you beat me to write about this place first. I have always fond memories of Punggol especially before it was developed. I remembered the seafood restaurant standing over the sea edge serving the good punggol mee goreng! I will visit the newly developed area during my sons’ holiday.

  • Do pop by the lalang field (next to open carpark) next time. Quite cool, when the wind is swaying the lalangs. And sunset at Punggol end is another spectacle :)

  • Denesa says:

    Michael, I am sure you will enjoy the sunset when you are there. I am so missing the seafood makan days then:(

  • Denesa says:

    Lalang! Long and swaying. Reminds me of childhood days and oh yeah I took wedding photos among lalangs in Lim Chu Kang. As for sunset, I am looking forward to bringing my kids there again to see how well they capture sunset scene in sketches :)

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