Never Realised……

Most of my time are spent in two places - office and home. Most of my days are spent busily, managing an office and never-ending jobs. Most of my nights and weekends are spent with my family or running errands.  Including the sleeping time and little moments to engage myself in my own activities, it seems that there is hardly any time to take a breather. So…life has been challenging. Sometimes, this can be negative because I fail to slow down my pace to think, observe and ponder.


These few days, I have not been feeling too well. Staying away from the heat and crowd and  lunching in the comfort of office is definitely the best choice. As I took my lunch and gazed at the bright horizons outside my office window, I suddenly felt calm . As I extended my vision to the surrounding ground level which is tens of storeys below me, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t been noticing that the environment around me is actually so beautiful and green, and I haven’t ever appreciated that I have such a nice view from where I am sitting everyday for the last few years!   Haha…many would have paid a large sum of money for an apartment with such highrise and good view.  For me my job has overwhelmed me and I failed to realise…..

Does this happen to you too that in the course of your hectic life, you fail to realise the beauty of the environment or even people or matters around you?


The beautiful view from my workspace. Why didn't I realise?

The beautiful view from my workspace. Why didn't I realise?


After my marriage, I have been coping with domestic matters with the help of domestic helpers. Unfortunately, there have been many “headache” stories with domestic helpers but at the end, we live with it because the reality is that we need them to relieve our load. Lately, with several episodes of my domestic helper who stole from me and then my domestic helper who just ran away from home, I am really grateful to have my super dad and mom who came to our rescue and rendered help wherever they could.  Our hungry stomachs are filled with delicious homecooked food, torn clothes (that have been conveniently ignored by the domestic helper) are now sewn. When I was younger, I  NEVER REALISE the warmth when my parents took care of me unconditionally. After marriage and especially now, I truly realise how thankful I am….Many of us fail to realise how fortunate we are “when we are living in it” but “realise either only after we lose or regain it, or after making a big roundabout  in life”.


Sometimes, we grumble about the close ones around us. We fail to appreciate what they have done for us. We expect more from them than from anyone else. We NEVER REALISE how much they have accomodated us. Frankly, I am guilty of grumbling about the standard of household chores done by Papa Ed.  Not that he is not doing a good job but it is just that we have different ways of doing some of them. So, I failed to realise how fortunate I am to have him around and relieve my load so that I can come home from work with less stress. Now I truly REALISE how lucky I am to have a hubby who takes his initiatives to “snatch the household chores from me” during this period when we have no domestic helper.


Perhaps, writing this post has made me realise many things that I was too busy or obstinate to realise in the past. Not feeling too well has enabled me to slow down my pace. Slowing down pace has helped me to appreciate things, people and facts that I failed to realise in the past…..


In life, we do need to spend some time slowing down our pace and adjust our perspectives in life…to appreciate and self-reflect.

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4 Responses to “Never Realised……”

  • wenn says:

    true..we need to reflect and appreciate ppl around us..

  • glad to hear you have a wonderful family. we have to be thankful and appreciate for all the fabulous people who consistently inspire us to pursue our goals.

  • Drops says:

    Yes, we need to take time to realize the worth and value of everything that is around us. Life is too short, before you know it, all is gone and you have missed a lot of things.
    The earlier you realize to value life, the better, and the more thankful you should be.

  • Denesa says:

    I had not a so smooth life in the past and life still has its many ups and downs now….however, I am starting or learning to appreciate that I am lucky to have my love ones around me. Sometimes, we tend to forget and take things or people for granted. Sometimes, we are never satisfied with the goodness that we are enjoying now…it is good to really slow down and reflect.

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