While The Egg Hatched

It was an eye-opener for the four of us yesterday - watching a REAL EGG HATCH.   We spent about half an hour waiting. From the moment that we saw a little crack on the chicken egg shell, to the moment that we sighted a little glimpse of the body, to the final moment that the whole body of the chick broke through the egg shell. 


Wow! I can’t believe that we were cheering on for the little chick, while it struggled with anxiety and determination despite that little strength to break through that egg shell and come into this world- all without any help.


That moment of awaiting was filled with feelings of excitement, joy and warmth for us.  I have hardly seen my two boys so patiently rooted to a spot before and that was one MOMENT that was worth waiting for. Hmm….it was indeed a happy sight *smile*.


Here is a photo of the boys, and others, with their full attention on the chick before it took a first peep at this world.  Aren’t they totally focused and attracted?




So, I shared a little story with the boys on how they were delivered - being tiny and unfamiliar with their new environment, and how they were fortunate to have the help of mommy to lend a helping “PUSH” in bringing them into this world and parents to take good care of them. 


Indeed, that moment of a new life is always so joyous, beyond what a few words can describe.


By the way, if you are keen to share some educational insights with your children on how eggs hatch and the origin of a chicken, you can check out the Singapore Science Centre. If you are lucky, you could chance upon the egg hatching process within the incubator and view how the new life transforms after one day. I am sure it will be a rare sight for our children in this modern Singapore.


Anyway, here are some photos to share…


So many children waiting for the SPECIAL MOMENT.  It is rare opportunity for the children to view the hatching process and it is certainly rare to see the children waiting so patiently and quietly.



This looked like a small little crack on the egg shell. However, it was no easy efforts for the little chick to struggle to this stage.



Push! push! A little claw was in sight….



Now, both claws!



Look at this little head!  The little one was shivering as it took a first peep at this world….



It was Day 21 when our little chick hatched in the incubator. Beautiful isn’t it?



That special moment when the chick stood upright. The struggle was all worth it :) Well done!



Finally, these are the chicks after ONE DAY - plumb and full of fine feathers. They are so lovely…oooeeee.



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7 Responses to “While The Egg Hatched”

  • Rachel says:

    wow, I grew up in the city and had never witness the birth of lil chicks.

    Thanks for sharing on this. I shall out this down on my To-visit list. I’m so very sure dylan’ll root on the spot to witness this special moment. ;)

  • found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • dave D says:

    That is great fun…it is amazing to hear them peeping even before the shell is open. I built an incubator once and we hatched 25…23 were roosters!

  • Jus says:

    Oooh… That’s a beautiful moment you and your kids got to witness! :) It must have been amazing seeing the whole process, and so nice that you got to tell the boys their birth story during the hatching!

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Rachel, I hope you catch the right timing to see the egg hatch on your trip to Singapore Science Centre. It is a good opportunity for our young ones especially when they might not have experienced the farm and kampung life before.

  • Denesa says:

    Wow Dave! 25 hatched! That is so exciting! It is amazing to see them peep too while pushing out of the shell.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Jus, I am glad we chanced upon that special and joyous moment!

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