Living Together…


After becoming a mom….

Haiz…then, I realised:

- how one would feel for her repeated reminders to be ignored and yet being regarded as nagging.

- why one would nag for having to clear up the mess that others repeatedly create at home.

[Yeah, I have my fair share of  "being turned deaf ears" in my little family.]


Imagine, we used to live in a world of our own.

When we started our family of 2 lovebirds, there have been …and still are…. adjustments and adaptations to make “living under one roof”.

Then, when we proceeded to a family of 4 members, there have been…and still are…much more adjustments and much ORDER to maintain at home.


See why we need to maintain ORDER at home amidst these: 

[Hello mothers, do these scenes seem familiar to you?]

- The house messed up again, shortly after you have just tidied it

- Rice, noodles and bread crumbs spread all over the floor and yet the young culprit does not even bother to pick it up

- Your personal items are often missing for no reasons and one day it will make a sudden appearance

- The busy people at home are too forgetful to keep the door closed in an air-conditioned room or even the door of the wardrobe closed but never fail to deny it is them

- The lights and fans are so often not turned off when not in use

- Kids sprawling on the floor to do their homework when they been reminded thousands of times to use their proper tables


See what I mean in this candid shot…



So, you know what I mean when the habits or scenes that you dread keep re-surfacing.


Yeah, there are differences in lifestyles and habits of family members living together.

As parents, we nag because we cannot understand why each of our family members cannot even show a little cooperation to keep the house neater or behave like how we wish them to be.

As spouse, we grumble because we cannot understand why our spouse cannot respect us in doing away with living habits that he/she obviously knows that we detest.

As people’s children, we cannot appreciate why our parents have to keep enforcing the need to maintain their preferred habits in our lives and what is the big deal when someone else can do it for us…..sigh a mentality that we have…until we become people’s parents.


If we insist our way, then there is never an end to the frustrations over the slightest incompatibility of living habits at home.

Perhaps, we should learn to close an eye and appreciate that a community is not made up of creatures of the same species..haha. 

Till that day comes, I am still learning to accept or take it easier over the living habits of members at home….NOW as a mother and wife.

I can’t complain because my life will never be so CHALLENGING without these GEMS in my life.

I can’t complain because I could never have felt the similar frustrations that my mother had until I become a mother.


As for you, do you have similar stories to share?

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