Being Prepared

When it comes to state of preparedness, our boys’ father and I are totally on two different extremes.
Whenever possible, I am used to being prepared way ahead.
—I buy and keep spare items at home so that they are available when things became faulty or run out.
—I make sure our boys start planning for their [...]

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When Technology Dies On Us

Technology and electricity make good working partners. They do wonders in our life - Convenient and fascinating.
When they die on us - we feel totally Helpless.
For older generation, perhaps, life does not necessary come to a standstill when technology decides to play prank.
However, for the young generation today, it could mean “disaster” or “end of [...]

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A strong feeling swept over me as I came across a scene at the River Safari Singapore.
At that moment, I was overwhelmed with SERENITY…a feeling that I have been deprived of for months.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm.
It is Peace amid the storm.
~ Unknown

As life plunges into a state of turbulence, is it possible [...]

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