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Our Favourite Hangout : East Coast Park


I mentioned before our special feelings for East Coast Park. We used to cycle and jog there so often during our junior college days especially when our school was just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

I remember how I picked up my cycling skill there and how I used to fall badly from the bicycle and ended up with a badly bruised knee. Later, it became a place where we dated.

Today, it remains our special hangout for cycling, jogging and dining. I am sure we will frequent it more especially when we bring Yuki (our little puppy) out for a jog.



Early joggers along the sea


When we visited the East Coast Park early morning at 8am on weekends, we were surprised that there were already many people at the park.

While some are jogging, others are roller skating, camping, cycling, fishing, swimming and having picnic.



 For cyclists only









Roller Skating - I never manage to pick up the skill although we were interested


We chose to cycle on the 4-wheel cycle “Quad Velo”, for the  comfort of the shade and the convenience of family cycling together. 

[Hee...we were thinking we could have brought Yuki along and then she would be able to take a ride with us on the child seat in front:)]



Riding on the Quad Velo - We had a challenging time moving the quad velo, espcially up slope!



Letting our guys at home take the lead


Frankly, we were disappointed with the quad velo after giving it a try because if you have young children that do not have enough stamina or long enough legs to peddle the heavy quad velo, then the adults will have to exert extreme energy and still moving at snail speed.  The rental fee is steep at $30 per hour and for a two-hour ride we spent $60. Yet, feeling like riding a trishaw with tonnes of load!  Treating it as a first experience, we would prefer to go for the normal bicycles next time.


The shady and different species of trees here has made cycling, jogging and roller skating here pleasant and relaxing:)





We are frequent diners at these seafood restaurants - dining with a sea view. 



Also love the ice jelly, fried hokkien mee and bak kut teh at the East Coast Food Village.


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