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Embracing Nature : Flower Watch at The Istana




These flowers are commonly seen in Singapore.  Hibiscus, ixora, bougainvilla ……..


At the Istana, they are so properly taken care of and maintained.  So fresh, so organised and such an eye-catcher.



We could not help but be distracted by them.

Not only because of the bright and cheery flowers but also because of the bees that were so actively at work. 

Well, these bees are lucky to find their way here:)





When “together” these flowers can be such a centre of attraction. They are really the Beauties among the Green.

It is hard to determine which flower type is more attractive.








My personal favourite?  Hmm…

Frankly, I like the brightly coloured flowers. But if I had to choose, I would prefer the bright yellow and red flowers. I like purple flowers too but they are not found here.

These flowers not only brighten up a place but also one’s mood:)

By the way, what is your favourite?






Embracing Nature: Labrador Park Beach


Singapore may be small.  However, I love the easy access to the beaches and also the large number of parks.

Nature never fails to give me the serenity that I need and keep my young ones “well and healthily” occupied too.

[instead of following mommy uninterestingly in a shopping complex.]


There are a number of beaches cum parks here eg. East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park and Labrador Park. 



Labrador Park, besides its beach, diversity of flora and fauna, is an educational site too - rich with historcial relics (click to read our previous post on Labrador Nature Reserve).


In the photos above, the boys were standing before a symbolic replica of the Dragon’s Teeth Gate (Long Ya Men).

The Dragon’s Teeth Gate used to be located at the gateway to Keppel Harbour in Singapore, to provide navigational aids. It was useful as navigational aids to Ming Dynasty’s Admiral Zheng He during his maritime voyages to the west.  Read more about its history HERE.  


More photos of historical relics here.



Children being children. What interests them most are still …..


The BEACH…..

where people are fishing, enjoying that cool breeze and where Brendan gazed at the sea “wordless” (obviously in deep thoughts).




The PARK……

where they can stroll, jog, run, cycle and basically “HAVE FUN”.



A park will not be complete without its flora and fauna.

I am a plant lover and colourful blooms are always an attraction.


 [Photo courtesy by Papa Ed as I got too distracted by the pair of lover butterflies to capture any shots....haha.]





Bring your kids to the park and open their world to the habitat of the flora and fauna.

If we are paying enough attention, we might have a close encounter with the insects and fauna.

Darren, sometimes enjoys spotting them. Other times, he will flee off after his brother with their chasing games *Smile*.


My boys always finds extra fun, playing with the puppies of other park lovers.







Kids love playground. Seriously, adults play at the playground here too….. One of them is ME…haha.

This is the place where I mentioned in a recent post about the MAZE and hide-and-seek where I had fun with my boys.



So, do expose your kids to more Greenery and Healthy Lifestyle while they still care to tag along with the parents.

There is a whole Green Environment out there!

It is certainly more comfortable to stay in air-conditioned complex with the kids.


the sweats and the walk at the Green Outdoor is definitely more WORTH IT!

Embracing Nature : Hort Park Part 2


Imagine living in a house that is filled with better air quality and beautified by the GREEN…it feels healthy and soothing *grin*.

All this while, we have been keeping a number of plants at home.  Some have grown quite big and tall and they have taken up space.


A visit to Hort Park, Singapore, gives us ideas on ways to maintain a varieties of indoor plants at home and YET saving space and keeping the space neat and attractive.


Take a look at some of these miniature plants and other plants landscaped as wall features -  displayed at the Hort Park.

If you are thinking of keeping plants but constrained by space, these ideas might suit your needs. And yes, they serve as good gifts too if the receipient is a plant lover:)


A frame of different plant types mounted on the wall …..



A centre piece of wall mounted plants…



A wall-mounted tank of fish and water plants…





This is a frame filled with a special design of red, green and yellow beans….



A dining table landscaped with plants…



Different plants within a vase…





I used to attempt different plant arrangements in a pot or tray, especially with cactus. So this miniature display is not new to us…



These plants add life and colours to the otherwise boring mirror cum cane partition….



These leaves have been stained, laminated and made into bookmarks….



An otherwise dull coasters, now with leaves…



If you have children at home, teach them to start by keeping small plants and get them to be responsible in taking care of them.

Let them be creative and they can possibly design interesting plant arrangement.

While keeping pots of plants, do not forget to clear stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding.

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