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Foodie Treat : Porridge Story


Our whole family, except one member, LOVES porridge. 

Not to worry:)

Whenever we go for porridge buffet, Darren who doesn’t really enjoy porridge, loves the DISHES of the TAIWAN or TEOCHEW PORRIDGE as much as we do. Hence, he can easily opt for the rice and the dishes go perfectly well with it.

As I fondly recall even before our marriage, Papa Ed and I would patronize the porridge stall at the Casino over at Genting (Malaysia) whenever we were there.  It’s interesting that we went to Casino then to enjoy our night supper of warm porridge instead of gambling.   The salted egg, preserved vegetables and meat floss….. Ahhh…I am drooling as I speak:)

As the story continues, we have influenced our kids especially Brendan to enjoy the Teochew and Taiwan dishes served for porridge. Even at home, we cook our own congee with lots of dried scallops, silver fish, minced pork/fish slices/shreds of chicken and top it with eggs if we want it creamy…oh yah…top with ground pepper and shallots too. Simply heavenly:)


Oasis Taiwan Porridge

One of our favourite restaurants serving Taiwan porridge is Oasis Taiwan Porridge. The crave started when mother-in-law used to drive us to the Oasis Taiwan Porridge (then located at Stadium Boulevard) and the crave continues till now when it relocates to Toa Payoh.

They serve a pot of sweet potato porridge which gets replaced onced emptied. It’s almost like swallowing porridge to one’s heart content:)  Maybe we could have a taste of cheaper Taiwan Porridge elsewhere but the taste of food served here seems to remind us that “we are home”:)


In the tranquility of  Toa Payoh Parkpic91



Address : Lor 6 Toa Payoh, next to Toa Payoh Swimming Pool.


Crystal Cafe

When we prefer to have more vaierty of dishes at fixed cost, topped with peanuts and ikan bilis, cakes and desserts, and have a slow quiet meal - we would opt for Crystal Cafe at Orchard Grand Court. 


 Sweet potato porridge - eat as much as we like:)



Of course there are many other dishes -  braised pork knuckles, other braised stuff, vegetables, fried fish, curry, fried noodles, rice….cakes and desserts. The porridge dish that our kids love most everywhere they go is THIS - BEAN STICKS!pic81


Address: Orchard Grand Court, 131 Killiney Road


Hotpot Culture

Stumbled upon Hotpot Culture at Marina Square the other day.  The porridge buffet is reasonably priced and served only for lunch. With more than 25 dishes, plus desserts, fried beehoon/kuay teow and fried rice too, we paid $7.90 per adult (member pays only $6.90) and $1 less for kids below 1.2m in height (to include additional service charge and GST).  Very worth it considering our boys were fully bloated when they left the restaurant:)



As I post, I am so craving for that meat congee right now, with that pig intestine and egg (half-cooked) or even a large bowl of plain porridge from Crystal Jade. I have been on an eating splurge since my allergy crisis. Oh Dear! Must beware of my waistline..*haha*.

We will be trying porridge buffet at other places too:)

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