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Going Secondary School…what’s next?


A month has almost passed since the release of PSLE results.   Thanks to those aunties and uncles who are concerned about Brendan’s PSLE result and those friends who were as anxious as us on the day of release last month.

Brendan did pretty well … with NO “Bs, Cs or Fs” and with A* :) Well enough to meet the standard of the secondary school that he has earlier been given a confirmed place through Direct School Admission (DSA) for Integrated Programme.

We are glad that we let him apply for Direct School Admission and went through the tests and interview.  Maybe it’s what we call “Stress at first and less stress now”.

At least, with such intense competition after PSLE result release and when school posting result is announced today, he needs not worry about the secondary school that he will be posted to.




As he proceeds to his secondary school for registration tomorrow, I can’t hold back my feeling that time really flies.

….7 years ago, his papa and I put in effort and got shortlisted for voluntary service for our boy to get into one of the local top primary school which is quite near to home but not within the distance range to be allocated by MOE. 

….7 years later, we tried our best again to support our son to fulfil his wish of going to his dream school and give him the moral support for his Direct School Admission exercise. Yap! I put my career to a pause to spend more time with Brendan for his preparation.  No regrets and the same sentiment :”Nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment now than my child’s achievements.”

I appreciate how our boy has illustrated so many instances of perseverance, always setting higher target for himself despite tough competition in a good school and haven’t given up with more challenges. 

I truly appreciate how we need to prepare beforehand, discuss and put in efforts to go this far.  I guess in years to come, our boy will be getting fully independant and might not need his parents’  help anymore.

Our moral support will, however, be with him always to achieve his dreams ….


Son, continue to work hard to achieve your next level of dreams. We remain proud of you:)

Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye


Yesterday marked the official last day of Brendan’s school years in his Primary School.  In total 6 years. Does that also mark the end of days of childhood and innocence?

Oh! Our boy was feeling depressed and reluctant.  First time, he and his friends are old enough to understand the sorrow of farewell:(    

 It brought me back to 20 over years ago. That uncertainty for future in secondary school, that crossroad junction feeling as a soon-to-be teen, that sadness to leave old classmates, teachers and the growing up years behind. It’s understandable why my sentimental boy was and is still in tears…..

<Constantly, reminding myself to be that understanding mum who will walk through this difficult stage with my boy with understanding and optimism.>


Thanks to FB! Brendan and his friends can still be in contact:) I got him an autograph anyway for his classmates to leave words that are worth more than what money can buy in future. My autograph is still with me after more than two decades and I know how much it means which the technology of social media like FB can never replace. 
(By the way, I am wondering do our P6 kids still practise autograph -leaving a message anymore in these modern days?)

Deep in my heart, I know he must have had many wonderful memories of his school, teachers and friends. Really BIG  THANKS to all those friends and teachers who have left such enjoyable and impressionable memories in his childhood journey.

Thank you. Here’s a local chinese song dedicated to my boy and his schoolmates on this memorable day - it left me in tears again, bringing back much memories of older friends:(

Prize Giving Day 2011 : He Made It Again


We gave Brendan a target to score better than his mid year’s grades. So, he did his very best.

Although I thought I would never quit my job to devote my time educating my kids, I did it anyway eventually. So, with 1-to-1 guidance, he puts in his very very very best *haha*. Or was I giving him pressure by watching him day and night *hahaha*.

We didn’t push him to be number 1 but Brendan made it again - achieving first in class for academic performance for Primary 6 school preliminary exams. As it has been competitive in his class and we were also busy multi-tasking with interviews and tests for DSA, frankly it was a very pleasant surprise:)

As we saw him walk confidently onto the stage during the school’s graduation ceremony to receive his prize, we feel so proud of him. Haha! He has overtaken papa and mommy in the number of prize achievements.


<”Son, you are my role model. Not because we want you to be number 1 but because you are self-motivated and always persevere to do your very best in everything you embark on. All the best for your PSLE results. Whatever it is, as long as you have done your best:)”>

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