Only We Can Manage Our Own Stress?


Arghh….of the few things that I hate in life, on the top of my list is to be SICK.

When my doctor confirmed that I am suffering from GASTRITIS, immediately on my thoughts are I start counting down the many types of favourite food that I have been avoiding and will have to continue to *frown*.

So, the other day, my doctor was stressing to me the importance of watching my DIET. Then, he asked me what I think is the main cause of my gastritis. Without thinking, I answered “STRESS”.


My Stress at Workplace…..

Doctor was asking me how he can then help me prevent the trigger of my gastritis if the bulk of the STRESS comes from work.

Immediately, I started asking myself  ”How can I prevent myself from being Stressed at work because no Doctor could possibly write a letter to any patient’s employer/customers/subordinates and asked for the patient to be exempted from STRESS.”

The fact is “Stress” is such a flexible word which means differently for different people.

[Just imagine a powerful exemption letter to -  perform only one tenth of your original duties (and still getting the pay), getting your employer to download your responsibilities to someone else when in fact there is no one else, drawing a clear line with your subordinates and telling them not to report to you or disturb you when there is no one else to manage them, telling customers not to make any further requests because you are stressed.  Sigh....we all know these wishes will never be possible.]


Yeah, I surrender that STRESS can only be self-controlled and it can’t be exempted.  Agree?

I wish my life could be made easier without such heavy work responsibilities but it was also my choice to pursue this career.   So I told doctor, ”Perhaps the best solution to STRESS at a workplace is to QUIT the job.”

However, does it necessarily get rid of my GASTRITIS?


Stress at Home……??

Then I asked doctor whether extreme lack of sleep could be another trigger.

Haha, when asked by doctor why I have lack of sleep, I answered that I have lack of time. When asked why I have lack of time, I answered that I have to spend lots of time at work and then at home “childcaring”.

On a casual note, Doctor asked: “So, now do you need me to write a letter to your husband to relieve you of STRESS at home?”

Funny huh? Although I do not totally agree that I am STRESSED while at home, we (including Papa Ed), nevertheless, laughed over it.

[Somehow, if I enjoy the process, no matter how pressurised I might feel, I don't surrender easily to stress.]




Sigh…..My STRESS!

STRESS is such a Health Destructor. Reality is - the BEST DOCTOR to cure our STRESS is still ourselves.

For me, it is not the amount of relaxation exercises  or YOGA, not the amount of massages, not the amount of beauty sleep, not the reduced amount of STRESS that others could make me feel….

Ultimately, it is how I control my “hearing, seeing, and feelings” at work.  Before I consider quitting this job, I will have to learn to take things easier, I guess.

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12 Responses to “Only We Can Manage Our Own Stress?”

  • Michael says:

    Yes, I could not agree more of our high level of stress in life, almost everywhere including blogging :)

    As you pointed out too that you control the stress level and it is your responses to external factors that causes stress, it is very much left to ourselves to defend ourselves against stress. I must admit, I am pretty poor at managing stress :(

    Anyway, wish that you are now fully recovered and stay healthy.

  • Michael says:

    Btw, nice photo!

    Taken from Mt.Faber?

  • it’s no fun being sick. hope you’ll recover soon.

  • My son who is 19, has Gastritis too. But not due to stress, it’s due to skipping meals.

    I have no magic formula for Stress, but I don’t let whatever problems I get affect my family life.

    Take care.

  • lina says:

    I have it by causes combined. Bad diet during my teens, stress now.

    I try to control my stress level by positive thinking and behaving cheerfully (albeit sometimes maniacally) even though I wasn’t feeling it. And trying hard not to trigger it by eating the wrong kind of food or skipping meals.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Michael,

    It is nothing serious and I am fine. Just keep one ear open and one ear close and then sleep more, stress less and I will be fine. I just miss the spicy crabs, spicy grilled sotong, sting ray….sob sob.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Michael,

    Yeap….Mount Faber. I am afraid of heights and yet like to watch the world from atop…haha.:)

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Life Ramblings,

    I am fine except craving for my chilli and spice….gastritis hits many if we are not careful:(

  • Denesa says:

    Hi ECL,

    Hope your son does take his regular and small meals now. Me? I guess I chose to lead others and stress myself. Maybe I will recover fully if I have chosen to just take things easier and not have so many priorities in life and just concentrate on family.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Lina,

    You are very right about positive thinking:) As I have said before, noone else can help exempt us from our stress except ourselves. Have a happy weekend:) Hope you are feeling a better stomach now:)

  • Emilyn says:

    Hi there

    I chance upon your blog when I was searching for help for full time working mother with 2 school going children. I enjoyed your sharing and admire your son’s good results.

    I read recently articles on Probiotics and they are good for gastritis - change the environment of your stomach :-P

    God bless

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Emilyn,

    Welcome to our blog:) Thank you much for the tips on coping with gastritis:)

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