Foodie Treat : Putien


One of the joy I have living in Singapore is that we are blessed with wide choices of food. Even at home, when we are tired of cooking chicken the local Chinese style, we can cook it with Malay recipe, Thai recipe and many other flavourful ways. It’s hard to get sick of eating here. Err…have I ever mentioned that even if I could sacrifice any other perks now as an unemployed, I will never say NO to good food?  Yay! Good food lights up my face:)

While Papa Ed has never had a really big appetite and my eating capacity can never be compared to before, I am still on the hunt for good eating places. As long as I could savour the food even if it is in small proportions - that is what my stomach can accomodate now (maybe with age or gastritis condition).

I am really glad that I have recently found an enthusiastic companion who is as ardent in sampling good food with me.  He is always the first to sample my first experimented homecooked dishes and we will travel that distance to yum yum at different eating places. How I wish this little eating companion could start paying for the meals soon *haha*.  However, there are many brighter sides of eating with him. Well, he will have a big enough appetite to finish up all the food, he accomodates my likes and dislikes and we always have a good bonding and chatting time while feasting. I simply love the “wow! delicious” face.

It is appetite boosting eating with people who enjoy food. Agree?

*Thanks Brendan, mommy really enjoys every moment we dine together:) Don’t forget to give your old mommy great foodie treats when you have the earning power, hehe*.

 If there is one thing I name that bonds me and my son, I would gladly say that it is FOOD:)


Although we have eaten at Putien (Tampines) before as a family, last week the two of us decided to pop in at the branch at Nex to savour the heng hwa cuisines again for dinner when Papa Ed was overseas. My 12-year old definitely has a big appetite - 5 dishes, fried rice and dessert! Mommy could hardly eat more especially after we also had a heavy lunch earlier.



pork ribs



deep fried tengirri fish



fried yam duck






herbal prawn soup



fruit jelly dessert



not so spicy lala  (earlier when we dined with papa)



poached spinach (earlier when we dined with papa) - a common vege dish in most chinese restaurants



sweet and sour pork (earlier when we dined with papa)



crunchy and tasty peanuts

Somehow I prefer the dishes served at Putien (Tampines Mall) compared to those that we ordered at Nex although Brendan doesn’t find that much difference in tastes. Haha…maybe I was not in a mood to eat that day.

We enjoyed the yam duck on all visits and the peanut is a hot favourite (love it for being cruncy and those sesame seeds).   The yam duck is the dish that we will order each time we visit Putien. However, I still prefer the sweet and sour pork served at Soup restaurant (more crispy) and Paradise Inn (love that lychee with pork), the spinach served at Crystal Jade and Zhou’s kitchen suits my taste bud better and the herbal prawn soup at Carousel is unbeatable in my heart and nowhere else I go can overtake that herbal prawn soup taste even though my family will always order the herbal prawn at Putien. As for the lala, it somehow resembles the taste of those cooked by my dad and emmm….I couldn’t resist it.

Well…just my personal taste bud and I am actually quite particular with taste in food. Maybe I am spoilt by my dad who will always be the best cook in my heart…

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