Big Dreams. Or Tarzan.


Brendan:”I want to be a lawyer. So that I can earn lots of money and buy you a big house.” <Oh! I am touched.>

Then on some other days…

Brendan:”I want to be a pilot. So that I can fly you to different countries. You have been saying that you cannot visit many places now because they are not suitable for us. When I am older, I will bring you to Venice, Egypt, Africa ……” <Oops! I think I have grumbled too much and he heard me.>


On his maiden helicopter ride

Brendan:”I want to be a famous blogger. I want to learn blogging from mommy.” <Yo, mommy is still waiting…it has been ages since you last blogged at iwowboy.>


I am so privileged. All his dreams involve ME! If only kids continue to honour their words:) Small boy with big dreams. I know, I know…Ambitions do change.

Then yesterday Brendan said : “I like giraffe the best. Oh yeah, I also want a porcupine and lion. I would convert a four storey house into a floor with high ceiling to accomodate the giraffe. Oh. Maybe I should move to the wild instead so that these animals can live freely.”


Taken at Singapore Zoo


Kids never fail to amuse us. If you have read my previous post on “Fear not the big but the tiniest”, he is still loving animals that much. A lawyer who earns enough money to buy a private jet and then personally flies papa, mommy and Darren to different parts of the world and finally settle down in the wild?  Ha! Now I am the one with amazing dreams:)

Wilderness and friends of animals? A veterinarian in the zoo? Hmm, not bad! As long as he doesn’t live like Tarzan…but I wouldn’t mind if he grows up being as handsome, strong and brave like Tarzan and finding a pretty Jane.

Hmm…I should let him watch Tarzan.

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One Response to “Big Dreams. Or Tarzan.”

  • claire says:

    This is called “wild dreams?” hahahaa… but then even the wildest dreams can come true! so get ready to sit in private jet to the wilds.. hahaha…

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