December 2011 School Holidays Local Trail : Children Little Museum



Found an interesting mini museum at Bussorah Street - Children Little Museum. Hidden inside a shophouse on the street, are displays of many items of our or even parents’/grandparents’ childhood days.  As the name implies, it is really a tiny museum with most exhibits on the second storey of the shophouse. 


We dropped by the museum while visiting Kampong Glam and it was a nostalgic 20-minute moments down memory lane. Take a tour around it and our children of today will catch a glimpse of how ”We” children of the past could have so much fun with simple toys. Yeap! Simplicity can be heaps of fun. It all depends on good company and how we enjoy what we are playing or doing.

Surprisingly, the adults seemed more excited than the kids with constant exclamations :”Dear! Dear! This used to be my school desk.” and next “Come! Come! I used to have this toy!”

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t have the same childhood journey as we played the same toys regardless whether we were “rich or poor”. Yeah..he used to be rich while I was poorer *haha*.

Two words to describe our feelings “Sweet memories” and we are happy to share with our boys:)

[If you are interested to visit the Children Little Museum, it is located at 42 Bussorah Street. Admission fee is $2 per person. Within walking distance from Bugis MRT Station.]


Focus: Not the clock..but the milo tin..yeah those days when the tin was hooked on a string and it could be pulled down for collection of money at the cashier




For girls - I used to have that naked doll:)



For boys - robots of the 50s/60s/70s?? Whoa! Sky Robot? Dancing Robot? Space Robot? Cool!



Tin toys before 1970s..err..too early for me.



The toys I used to play with my cousins including the Red Indians..come to think of it…Hmm..I was so boyish then.



Parachute! We played it!



Simple GULI (marbles) that kept us entertained when young. Hmm…where have my marbles gone? Not to forget..those KUTI KUTI (yes! I still have them!), five-stones, pick-up-sticks, gasing, rubberband skipping rope :)




Err..maybe our parents’ generations. Our schools were much more modern:) Love that school bell.



Hehe..someone recalled this as the school desk he used to have. Flip open and IN goes the books and stationery items.



Ahem! I am sure you won’t miss these books if you don’t like to study *haha*



Oh! My wooden ruler




Cameras and radiospic9




Would have jumped for joy if I had a TV like this when I was young. Now our boys are complaining that our 48 inch TV is too small…sigh.





Drinks stall’s lady boss:)pic111


These remind me of Chinese New Year. Used to be allowed to drink this only during festive season.


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