Domestic Help

The sky was still dark when I was awakened by the persistent alarm of my clock. It seemed like just a while ago when I closed my eyes to sleep. I have been pulling myself out of the bed, together with others who have to prepare their children for early school. We have been coping without a stay-in domestic helper for the last three weeks and it has been really tough especially for a working mother. *Haiz*


We discovered that my domestic helper had been stealing (surprising not only my stuff and money but also my kids’ clothes, shoes and photo), and as if that is not enough…………she was also not taking good care of my kids! After all the hassles and stressful moments, we had since sent her home! Usually looks and actions can be deceiving especially when we thought that we should place trust on someone who has been living with us for a long while. Usually, when we are busy at work and do not wish to tire our elderly parents, we thought that relying on a domestic helper could relieve our load on housework, have someone take care of our children’s meals and as we get busy over our other work and activities, the “sudden unpleasant discoveries” might just be uncovered one day……………*Sigh* One lesson I learn is no matter how busy I am at work or with the children, I should also spend efforts paying more attention on domestic matters.


I thought it is tiring enough to engage myself mentally at work and manage the office operations and staff matters as a full-time working lady and take care of two energetic boys at night. What I never imagine is ,it is even more tiring to do all of these and still do housework! I am really grateful to Papa Ed (for doing his parts of housework) and my parents (for filling our tummies with a full dinner everyday) during this period. Hmm…I truly appreciate the importance of family support in the parenthood process.


Without domestic helper is putting a strain on everyone physically. However, I also start to appreciate these days when everyone in the family finally puts in efforts to help with household chores no matter how small these tasks are. The males in our family, who are usually waiting to be served, are now doing their parts.


Hurray! Shirts, which used to lie around the floor (waiting to be picked), are now neatly in baskets and toys ,which used to be thrown in every corner of the house, are at least half kept to their respective places after use.  My boys, who used to be so lazy to even lift a finger to bring their plates and cups,to the kitchen basins, are now gladly doing so:) I feel so strongly that it is good as the children start learning to be responsible for their own personal belongings and also independent. Although, they still have to be instructed before they will help, it is still a good start. So tiring as it might be, till we get our next domestic helper………………, I am seeing the merits of not having one now as everyone at home does their part.


Looking at it positively, we do have our fun moments too especially those moments when we go on our ant hunting and cockroach elimination at HOME:) I am sure my three amigoes at home will not hesitate to agree with me *wink*. I guess this is called “finding fun in hardship” *LOL*. Good Job to My Guys at Home!

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3 Responses to “Domestic Help”

  • Katherine says:

    Good for the children! Mine are now folding laundry and emptying/filling the dishwasher. Gotta love it!

  • Roschelle says:

    I’m sure it will take some getting use to. Maybe this will be a way to interact more as a family unit. Raising children, taking care of a house and working IS TOUGH!!

  • Denesa says:

    It is making the children more responsible in playing a role (no matter how small it is) and it certainly makes me happy to see that they are learning to take care of themselves.

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