Our Experience - Professional Video Shooting


The boys and I had a NEW EXPERIENCE a few days ago. We had tried make-over and professional photo shooting in studios but we have never tried being professionally video shot!


Darren was the most excited about the professional video shoot, getting ready his sunglasses and ….. wanting to look his best *Chuckle*. Gor Gor Brendan was not able to feel the excitement as much as Di Di Darren because poor Gor Gor had fallen ill, with fever:(


After going through a half-hour make-up session for mummy, the boys and mummy were ready for the video shoot. It was a pity that eventually only mummy and Darren remained on screen as Brendan withdrew due to dizziness:( Darren was really a good boy though cooperating as much as he could and at times he really made me break into loud laughters. In fact, he enjoyed the session so much that he made comments that he would like to do it again. It was overall a very fun and memorable experience. Much thanks to the patient and friendly crew who made the video shooting process an easier one for us. Unfortunately, Papa Ed was tending to Brendan and hence not able to take much photos of us in action.


Looking forward to the outputs. More excitement……….Till then…………………

Mummy getting ready.......

Mummy getting ready.......

Poor Brendan looking tired and sick...he missed out the fun:(

Poor Brendan looking tired and sick...he missed out the fun:(

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8 Responses to “Our Experience - Professional Video Shooting”

  • mamabliss says:

    oooh looks like we all had great fun during the shoot :) teehehe… a pity i had problems loading the pix of your blog post… can’t really see what’s happened behind the scenes

  • Denesa says:

    Oops…Thanks for telling me. I have reloaded the photos. Didn’t take many as hubby was busy tending to one of my boys who was sick. It was a pity. Like those shots that you have taken:)

  • Nessa says:

    Hi Denesa! :)

    The only professional video shoot I’ve had was on my wedding day. I suppose it’s high time to go for one since my boys are already ‘big-big’! LOL!

    Hope your son Brendan gets well soon.

    ps. Thanks for dropping by my place.

  • Leonny says:

    Hi Denesa!

    Nice meeting you on the set the other day! :) Too bad we couldn’t chat much ya … Felt so sorry for Brendan … saw him on the couch, must’ve felt really sick that day .. Hope he’s much better by now.

  • Denesa says:

    Leonny, thanks for the well-wishes. Brendan is still sick:( He understands that we have to proceed with the video shooting without him.

  • Denesa says:

    Yah…go try one. It is quite fun actually especially when we can “regain” our glory of being “big beauties” with all the professional make-up…hahaha

  • LZmommy says:

    Hi Denesa!

    It was great to meet you twice! :) Unfortunately we didn’t have time to chat the 2nd time round and we didn’t even have time to say hello :(

    Hope Brendan has fully recovered by now :)

  • Denesa says:

    Yah, happy to see you again on the set:) Brendan is getting better now after a week! Now I guess we are all excited to see the output:)

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