Are They Sure About Their Ambitions?

I thought life has been hectic enough. Then….for the last two weeks, life has been busier than ever. Finally, perseverance pays off as I survived the important assignment at work. However, housework continues….

I managed to finally find time to chat with the boys tonight. So somehow our conversations ended up talking about their ambitions.

Darren: “I want to be police when I grow up.”

Mommy: “Why?”

Darren: “Because can catch bad guys.”

Mommy: “How do you catch bad guys?”

Darren: “Don’t know.”

Mommy: “Why do you want to catch bad guys?”

Darren: “Don’t know.”

Mommy:”Then why do you want to be a policeman?”

Darren: “Don’t know.”

Oops! This time he does not know why he wants to be a policeman. I must have asked so many confusing questions which eventually confused little Darren *wink*

Brendan is trying to show off his muscles and I guess he is trying to be strong to grow up as a police *Smile*

Darren is trying to show off his muscles and I guess he is trying to be strong to grow up as a police *Smile*

Brendan joined in.

Brendan:”I want to be a pilot.


Brendan:”Don’t know.”

Mommy:”You don’t know?”

Brendan:”Aiya, I want to fly to many places.”


Brendan:”Don’t know.”

Mommy:”So you really want to be a pilot?”

Brendan:”Actually I don’t know lah.”

I am really confused. Are they sure about their ambitions? I remember dreaming to be a fashion designer and I would do sketches and even drew and coloured on my parents’ black and white photographs *oops*

I never grow up to pursue my ambitions. So I guess each kid has an ambition once. Whether he/she achieves it is yet to be realised.

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