Go Green Episode 3


A small part of my job requires me to think about environmental sustainability and also as part of a team that leads in sustaining green or eco office for my organisation.


ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY seems such a “IN” word now.  However, how many actually appreciate its meaning and significance? We are aware of the damages caused by both natural and anthropogenic factors on our environment.  Perhaps, many still could not feel the direct impact of our actions on our future generations.


All of us could do our part for our eco-system and future generation either at work or in our everyday lives by reducing our carbon footprints and working towards environmental sustainability - ultimately to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of our future generations to meet their needs.




Start by being a little more conscious, cultivating ”green” habits, and building our sense of responsibilities towards the environment.  Do not forget our little ones too in sharing with them the importance. They deserve to be aware and do their parts early in sustaining the environment that they and their future generations will co-exist in.


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I came across some videos that might be interesting in educating our young ones. 

[Do share the environmental message and impact with them while viewing these videos. There are many other useful and animated videos on the web. Do check them out! One site is The Green Gorilla (the kids are cute!).]


Adventures of Water Wally - Camp H2O by PUB (Singapore’s National Water Agency)

Lets Make Our World The Most Beautiful Home by The National Environment Agency Singapore

Turn It Up Day (Gorilla in The Greenhouse)

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9 Responses to “Go Green Episode 3”

  • sandy says:

    Cute water video. Though I’ve often found kids are better at being aware then their parents are. It’s covered a lot in schools here in the States.

    Cute video, hope lots of folks see it.


  • Denesa says:

    Hi Sandy, unfortunately in Singapore, it’s not covered as extensively as in the States. I feel that as parents, there is much we can do too to build the awareness in our kids. Water Wally is indeed cute and my eldest boy enjoyed the video too:)

  • Rachel says:

    It’s sad to say that the awareness of GO Green is not high here in Singapore. Many still has the mind-set of ‘It does not concern me’.

    Anyway, I’m doing my part to educate my little ones. So they too can be responsible and be mindful of their actions to the environment.

  • We really should do more to protect our environment and leave more than enough resources to our future generations.

  • Justina says:

    Thks for the videos! Yup, its impt to share the msg with our little ones. We are leaving this world for them to live in… We perhaps could also take part in Earth hour this Sat, especially as a visual reminder how little things can make a big difference!

  • Environment conservation is a serious matter which should be known by everybody - old, young, and even toddlers. This blog is amazing. It encourages parents, like me, to take an initiative of saving our environment through teaching their children about the importance of our environmental resources as these are hard to replenish or even not anymore if time comes that they’re depleted. Nice posts!! Keep em coming. ;)

  • Denesa says:

    Thanks Baby Play Yards.

  • Denesa says:

    Ji Justina and ECL, yup our kids deserve to be aware early.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Rachel, as parents, we have to start building the awareness in our young ones. If we start the Green Practices at home, it sets the habit for our young ones to follow suit too…I understand the difficulty in getting people to really take action in their everyday lives to participate, and it really takes time.

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