Embracing Nature: Dairy Farm Nature Park

We love nature! So that day we were out on our adventure to Dairy Farm Nature Park, located just next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bearing in mind that it was a scorching day, we brought along our caps and sunglasses (should have brought umbrella too). We picked the option of starting from the entrance at Carpark A to head towards the Singapore Quarry, instead of Carpark B towards Wallace Education Centre. On another day, we will definitely drop by the other side of the Nature Park:)



So we started our journey on the flat road which fortunately is suitable for young kids and adults….no uneven ground:)  Brendan was extremely excited though Darren was never keen to walk long distance.



 At the beginning of the journey, still energetic, the children started to set off at a faster pace. Thank to Papa Ed who was busy tailing behind to take our candid shots:)



Enjoying the greenery and exquisite flowers at the side of the path. Nice to smell fresh air and it would have been better if we had gone earlier in the morning.




More greenery and then “Aha!”, we caught sight of the first monkey:)



Poor Darren was feeling tired and needed mommy’s encouragement to move on. The destination “Singapore Quarry” was still nowhere in sight.  [Tips for parents: Advisable to bring along ample water, umbrella (sunny and no shelter along the way in case of rain) and hankerchief.] My packet of tissue paper was definitely not enough for our whole family especially with all the perspirations on such a sunny late morning.]



Finally, our eyes brightened at the sight of the purplish flowers and most excitedly the quarry ….yes, we have reached!



The Singapore Quarry in the backdrop

The Singapore Quarry in the backdrop


Singapore has little natural resources and it was the first time we saw a quarry. So even a tired and sweaty Darren did not fail to ask for photo moments.




Next was the same journey back to the entrance…..another 15-20 minutes walk.  The boys suddenly turned extra energetic. A good opportunity for them to run after each other. Probably, they were too delighted to get back to the air-conditioned car *wink*



“The trees are so tall!” The boys had not forgotten to slow down to observe their environment. Brendan was even snapping photos with his handphone:)





Though hot and sweaty, I must say that the boys had shown perseverance in reaching their destination on such a hot day (with mid-day sun almost directly above our heads), with little complaints *thumbs up for Brendan and Darren*. At least Darren never asked to be carried except that the poor boy already finished all his water even before we reached the quarry. It has been a fruitful trip …a great opportunity to learn, persevere and exercise:) 


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14 Responses to “Embracing Nature: Dairy Farm Nature Park”

  • Mummy Gwen says:

    Thumbs up to Brendan and Darren. Well done. I can imagine the heat and scorching sun…whoa…really tiring.

  • JH says:

    This is a place that I have been planning to visit & explore ! A nice place to bring your boys out & enjoy Singapore’s natural locations!

    Thanks for sharing some of your pics & adventure !


  • Denesa says:

    Hi Mummy Gwen, yah it is tough getting young kids to walk long distance in the glaring sun. Luckily, my boys are very sporty. Probably, it is because they have walked longer distance than this in other nature reserves.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi JH, actually I know about this new nature park from your post and also newspapers:) Thanks for sharing the info. The path is really user-friendly to people of all ages. I will go again but this time to the other side of the park:)

  • VanillaSeven says:

    Wow! Looks like fun! I have to come here in the next outing! :)

  • yeah, nothing beats the beauty of nature. i love the lush greenery in its natural setting.

  • Angeline says:

    Oh cool!!!
    I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the Greens!
    Its where I go free and errrr… alittle wild sometimes… *laugh*
    Thank you for this, haven’t been there yet, time to get my ‘horse’ set for it!

  • ED says:

    Looks like a fun thing to do with the kids! Btw, voted for u for the mummy blogger contest! :)

    Hope u win!

  • Denesa says:

    Thanks Edmund for your support. Really appreciate it:) Also like the contents of your blog..will be dropping by often.

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Vanilla Seven, thanks for dropping by again:)

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Angeline,

    Yah, I also often go wild with my kids at the park and nature reserve…hahaha….that’s the kid in me. Hahaha…
    If it is too hot there, don’t scold me huh….

    Green really makes me feel relaxed:)

  • Janne says:

    Hello! This is a great blog post, it was actually recommended to us by our teacher. :)

    My name is Janne and I’m from a Community Problem Solving Team from Raffles Girls’ School, called the Trailblazers. We conduct Nature Adventure Walks at Dairy Farm Nature Park for children, so as to increase their knowledge and interest of nature! We hope that more children will have the opportunity to appreciate nature, as not all of them are as lucky as your two sons :)

    Still, will you be interested in sending them for our interactive program, or even helping us publicize the Nature Adventure Walk? Thank you :)

  • Denesa says:

    Hi Janne, thank you. Great to note that there is this interactive program promoted by RGS. Yes, I am sure I can help by publicising the Nature Adventure Walk for Trailblazers at Parent Times. For further details, you may contact me at denesa@parentimes.com.

  • Lau Shi Ern says:

    Hi, For those who like to see a virtual tour of Singapore Quarry go here: http://bit.ly/SingaporeQuarry


    See a virtual tour of Wallace Education Centre here:

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