I’m A Mom….Being a protective mom, boosting his natural defences….”

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Being a protective mom, doing my best to boost my children’s natural defences is important to me.

Both my boys used to fall sick so often when they were younger and I realized that I cannot be there all the time to protect them from the community illnesses. Darren was a premature baby and somehow he was prone to cold and cough. This makes me more determined to boost their natural defences and thus giving me the ease of mind and relieving me of “heartache” especially when I have to see my boys suffering when they fall ill.

So the natural solution I believe in is to boost the natural defences of my boys. Firstly, I maintain a healthy diet for them. Though a busy working mother, I make sure that my boys’ daily meals are well-balanced and supplemented with health supplements like multi-vitamins. Vitamin C is well-know for enhancing natural defences. My boys love all varieties of fruits, yakult/vitagen, honey and fruit juices:) Though it is hard to entirely deprive a child of snacks and fried food, we tried our best to avoid them.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

It is commonly agreed that exercises keep the body fit and healthy. My boys have been enrolled in activities like swimming, wushu and badminton. Embracing the nature is definitely what we believe in and hanging out at parks/nature reserves and jogging are often our common activities. The kids practise simple yoga with me at home. Sometimes, it might not be easy for a young kid to persevere in exercising and that is where parents’ participations will definitely help:)



I pity today’s children because they seem to undergo more stress, whether it is from parents, schools or themselves. Brendan for example always wants to do well in whatever he enthusiastically embarks on. STRESS can cause such “silent harm” to our health. It is hard to avoid stress but I believe in adjusting the kids to help them feel more relaxed. Exposing my boys to music or musical instruments and even games has helped in keeping them relaxed during stressful period. Haha….I am the type of mom who allows Brendan to play abit of electronic games during his examinations preparation whenever he needs a little mind relaxer:) Having enough SLEEP, even through afternoon nap, is what I always insist in allowing their little bodies to have enough rest.


“A HAPPY child will become a HEALTHIER child”. As parents, we have our abilities to make our children happy and healthy in our own ways. Adequate parent-child bonding is a MUST no matter how busy we might be. I believe in giving my boys a goodnight hug and kiss and embrace them whenever they need. This helps in leading them to be happier and develop healthier mindset to embrace a new day.


As parents, we do have to put in efforts to create a HAPPY and HEALTHY Child.

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